You already know how we feel about The Dream here at Southern Hospitality. The man is unstoppable. Plus, for me personally, has had three straight albums of the year with ‘Love Hate’, ‘Love Vs. Money’ and ‘Love King’ (yeah I know2010 ain’t over, but why fool myself). However, the bigger story is how he is locking down every aspect of the game producing and writing hits for everyone, creating stone-cold anthems for single ladies (Beyonce) and teenage lovers (Bieber) alike. Like the man says “Dream ain’t on your album? Must have caught a feeling”. It’s a rare talent to be so dope and so prolific, and as an added benefit of this is, alongside the classic solo material of his albums, we have tons of remixes, productions, reference tracks, demos and bonus cuts floating around. I collected a load of these together on my original ‘The Dream Featuring…The Dream’ at the end of last year, which was a huge success thanks to all who downloaded, blogged, shared, Twitted and most importantly enjoyed the mix. Now we return with ‘Pt.2’ and whilst some of the collaborators are similar to the first, we have some unreleased from Christina Milian (obviously) and further evidence of his classic ATL partnerships with Ciara, Luda, T.I. etc. Not to mention the subtle, but crucial differences in early versions of some of the jams that eventually made ‘Love King’. Oh yeah, plus there’s two cases of Kells and Terius on the same track, which doesn’t need any explaining.  So once again, this is my continued homage to the work of the Radio Killa, mixed all the way live from the SM5  and 100% guaranteed to increase your sex intelligence.


Huge props to design maestro Superix on the smashtronic artwork (love that hue man) and general help once again!