The 'Twelve 12"s' series is back for its third instalment already and this time it's our good friend and long time DJ partner in crime, James Lebens! Founder of the legendary hip-hop night Spread Love, which he ran with DJ Yoda and my good self, James knows what diggin in the crates is all about and has taken it back to the essence with this one. In celebration of his new night, 'Take It Back' he's pulled out some real gems including the under the radar monster that is 'Droppin Bombs' by the Nile Kings and the fully on the radar Lord Finesse classic 'Track The Movement'. This is an era and sound of hip-hop that will forever be special to me, and James' timely 12 track reminder is the perfect way to kick start the week! If you missed the first two instalments from the Southern Hospitality crew, myself and Superix, you can still catch them here and look out for a special 'Twelve 12"s  from the Rub's DJ Ayres coming next week! Enjoy! For tracklisting and running order – see cover. DOWNLOAD IT HERE