1212s_06 The ‘Twelve 12″s’ series is back once again for its Sixth instalment, and this time it’s from Derby's original Off The Hook famalam and all around nice chap DJ Hudson! We've had the pleasure of hearing Hudson DJ plenty of times over the years and whether running through, funk, disco, hip-hop or whatever, he never disappoints! Seriously, this guy knows how to rock a club and his modest claim of 'Your Favourite Local DJ?' only goes a tiny way to doing him justice. However, when he's not tearing up dancefloors in the Midlands he's busy remixing and putting together incredible mix-CDs like the infamous 'Seasons Beatings' mix series with J2 (oh yeah look out for a "Twelve 12"s' from him too!) and thankfully taking the time out to do this one for us. One look at that cover with 'Growing Up In The Hood, 'Jingling Baby' and the overlooked UK monster 'Naturally' (!) you know that you're dealing with classic material. As is Hudson's way though he's dug in the crates and cut the hip-hop with some extra special disco and funk gems too making it another fantastic addition to the 'Twelve 12"s' series. Enjoy this as much as we did! …in case you missed the first five instalments from Rob, Superix, James Lebens, DJ Ayres & DJ Dub  you can still catch them here and look out for a special old school jungle  ‘Twelve 12″s from one of our longtime DJs favourite DJs –  Matt Evans coming next week! Enjoy! For tracklisting and running order – peep the cover. DOWNLOAD IT HERE