Today we remember a man who would normally be celebrating his birthday, but was so sadly taken from the world only weeks ago – Matthew Africa. Many words have been said, by many, many people, such was the measure of the man, but as Stephanie Ornelas so aptly put it this is now Matthew Africa Day.

Here’s his ‘Twelve 12″s’ that he so kindly did for us almost exactly three years ago and here’s what I said about it and him at the time….

The ‘Twelve 12″s’ series is back once again for its Ninth instalment, and this time it’s the turn of one of another of our favourite DJs – the Bay Area’s hella knowledgable and hella nice – Matthew Africa! Matthew Africa has been around hip-hop and music in general for a serious amount of time and what he doesn’t know about good  music probably isn’t worth knowing! This is the man whose awesome new radio show ‘2 Busy Saying Yeah’ will have a full (and frankly incredible) Soulful Disco Mix one week, and then without pausing for breath follow it with 2 hours of fresh, new Yay Area ‘Jerk’ records. It’s all so easy for Matthew as the dude, well… just loves music. His mix-CDs are literally second to none, and I can say hand on heart that his ‘Dirty RnB: The Best Of R-Kelly’ is a Top 5 mix of all time for me (this soundtracked an epic tour I did in 2007 and rendered all other CDs in the Hummer useless for about six weeks). Positioned in the Bay he’s seen all the changes come and go and programmed, Djed and co-hosted Beni-B’s (ABB Records) influential West Coast radio show through the 90s, where they indulged in both upfront hardcore hip-hop and rare funk and soul, with Matthew’s impeccable taste up front and centre. So, in short check out his blog and learn more about both music and the man himself. However, before that, hit download on his ‘Twelve 12″s’ where he features not only some of the best hip-hop records of all time like Mac Mall’s ‘Sic Wit Tis’ but some of the best records that only myself and my man Drew Huge cared about…Ministers Of Black ‘Step Into My Office’ (props!). The perfect Monday kick-off continues. In case you missed the first eight instalments from myself (Rob), Superix, James Lebens, DJ Ayres, DJ Dub, DJ Hudson, Matt Evans and Spin Doctor you can still catch them here and watch out for another  ‘Twelve 12″s coming very soon… Enjoy! For tracklisting and running order – peep the cover. DOWNLOAD IT HERE