The ‘Twelve 12s’ series is back once again for the fifteenth instalment: this time we've been blessed with a unique mix courtesy of – J-Squared! J Squared is another DJ who has been around hip-hop and breaks his whole life and knows his stuff back to front. We first became friends with James in the days he used to run the awesome 'Off The Hook' nights in Derby with Hudson (who we already introduced you to!) – a night that was classic every time with so many of hip-hop's finest passing through to grace the stage or indeed the turntables. However, the first time we actually met was at a Rock Steady charity drive @ SOB's in New York, which I think you'll agree is a more than appropriate place to connect with our love of hip-hop. These days based in London, J is responsible, alongside Steve The Sleeve and Skeg, for the awesome Breakin Bread show, which in their perfectly succint words, "brings you the best in Beat breaking funk and hip hop covering any music with a connection to hip hop spanning the last 40 years and beyond!" Simple, right? Dope? Yes. Plus, for his 'Twelve 12"s' mix J has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has themed his to a degree that no-one has yet attempted…can you spot it? We'll give you a clue – look at the ninth record. Then, the 12th, then…oh, just hit download, it's great! Enjoy! In case you missed the first fourteen instalments from myself (Rob), Superix, James Lebens, DJ Ayres, DJ Dub, DJ Hudson, Matt Evans, Spin Doctor, Matthew Africa, Cosmo Baker, DJ Eleven, Big Jacks, Drew Huge & Donsta – you can still catch them here and watch out for another ‘Twelve 12s coming very soon… For tracklisting and running order – see the cover DOWNLOAD IT HERE