The ‘Twelve 12s’ series is back again for the twentieth  installment. Its been a real sad week for hip hop all over the globe with the passing of one of our favourite artists of all time, Guru from Gangstarr.  This week our very own  Superix goes in again with this real nice tribute mix. Superix: "There's not much we can say that hasnt already been said on blogs all over the world, but Guru & Gangstarr for us were always up there with the greatest rap groups ever alongside; Public Enemy, De La Soul, Run DMC, Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest etc.  Evidence of this is myself, Rob & most of the DJ's, collectors and fans we know, all have so many Gangstarr records in their collections, they were just so damn prolific, dropping classic after classic must-have wax with amazing cover art and some of the best B-sides in hip hop history. So in order to do our special Twelve 12's tribute mix it's been really tricky to refine it to just 12, so many hits, so much good music, its  almost impossible. I could have easily gone to 25+ records, but i've managed to get 12 of my personal favourites on this mix and also picked records that show Guru & Gangstarr's versatility as artists throughout their careers." R.I.P. Guru. Thank you for all the incredible music you gave us. In case you missed the first nineteen instalments from Rob, Superix, James Lebens, DJ Ayres, DJ Dub, DJ Hudson, Matt Evans, Spin Doctor, Matthew Africa, Cosmo Baker, DJ Eleven, Big Jacks, Drew Huge, Donsta. J-Squared, Superix, 7L, Rookie & DJ Co-Op – you can still catch them here and watch out for another ‘Twelve 12s coming very soon… For tracklisting and running order – see the cover DOWNLOAD IT HERE (If the link doesnt work – there's some alternative links in the comments below)