The ‘Twelve 12s’ series is back again for its twenty third installment and this time it's once again from myself aka Rob Pursey. As you can probably see from the covers on display, this is a classic Hiero special, not least because their one of my favourite crews of all time, but perhaps more that I was prompted by this. Either way, this is my run through twelve of their classic 12"s, from the first crew appearance on the B-Side 'Burnt' (with the old spelling!), to some of the slightly later tracks like 'Medication', via a few remixes ('Me O Mi O'), B-Sides and a few of their most definitive tracks. You could obviously do about 12 different versions of this mix in fact, so strong were their 12" releases, bu this is just how it came out when I mixed it live. Hiero is still going strong and influencing a whole new generation of Bay emcees, but for a moment, here's your chance to reminisce for a second. Enjoy! In case you missed the first twenty one instalments from Rob, Superix, James Lebens, DJ Ayres, DJ Dub, DJ Hudson, Matt Evans, Spin Doctor, Matthew Africa, Cosmo Baker, DJ Eleven, Big Jacks, Drew Huge, Donsta. J-Squared, Superix, 7L, Rookie, DJ Co-Op, Superix, Matt Evans & Y.O.K.O. – you can still catch them here and watch out for another ‘Twelve 12s coming very soon… For tracklisting and running order – see the cover