The ‘Twelve 12s’ series is back once again for its tenth instalment, and this time (after DJ Ayres) it's one more third of The Rub – Cosmo Baker! Let's get one thing straight, Cosmo Baker's been DJing pretty much his whole damn life and his reputation for rocking crowds is absolutely second to none. Don't believe me? Check this quote from Jazzy Jeff, "When it comes to keeping the Philly Music tradition going…Cosmo has it locked. His knowledge is incredible and his Crates are deep and his passion and skills makes him one of my favs." So, to add to one of the world's greatest ever DJs, few can truly rock as many styles as Cosmo and keep it as authentic, dynamic and charismatic as he does. Beginning in his hometown of Philly (and now based in NY) he's been around the world and back again as a DJ, and as one third of The Rub, he not only DJs, but hosts radio (for Scion etc.), produces, remixes, goes on national tours (with A-Trak etc.), holds down hundreds of NY's finest clubs and bars, and still manages to turn up at their legendary monthly Rub Party. Oh yeah, and if you wanna know how to create a perfect mixtape? Check out his awesome 'Love Break' CD, possibly the most worn in my whole collection! Seriously, as his website says – get on his level. Anyway, amidst his ridiculously hectic schedule he's taken the time out to record the latest instalment to our 'Twelve 12"' series and we're absolutely delighted to present it. Typically diverse, and typically dope, this is a great snapshot into the world of Cosmo Baker…plus, it ends with maybe the greatest club record of all time. So, make sure you catch him at a party near you soon, follow him on Twitter (dude has stuff to say!) and most importantly…check out the mix! In case you missed the first nine instalments from myself (Rob), Superix, James Lebens, DJ Ayres, DJ Dub, DJ Hudson, Matt Evans, Spin Doctor & Matthew Africa you can still catch them here and watch out for another ‘Twelve 12s coming very soon… DOWNLOAD IT HERE