Now this is something that is more than a bit special. A Good friend of ours, legendary London graphic designer & photographer Graham Smith (The man behind the classic & Iconic Sade 'Diamond Life' album design no less) is releasing his book 'We Can Be Heroes' through the crowd funded publishing house Unbound. The book itself is a collection of over 500 never before published photographs of the London clubbing world from 1976-1984 and birth of the 'new romantic' movement. There's some real great pictures in here, including before they were famous snaps of Sade, Boy George & Spandau Ballet. I know this book has been a labour of love for Graham over the past few years, and he's executed it with total perfection. As London residents ourselves & people who have long been immersed in the club culture of our great city, we also really want to see this get printed!

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In his own words, here's what Graham Smith has to say about the book: