RE-UP: Davey Boy Smith Presents: ‘Era Of The Six’ (The Underground Compilation)

Before the Academy Awardreality show and frat raps. Before the prometh anthem, even, and the prolific handheld video action, but after the now-collectible cassette tapes, the then-called Triple Six Mafia and their affiliates, ex-members and just straight enemies, were seemingly caught between a state of barely audible, hissy demonic whirlings and clean, cinematic club ready soundscapes, in an incubated, disturbed but overwhelmingly soulful period – the Era Of The Six.

At this point – before they had arrived in the national consciousness but after they had developed a hardcore underground following – the music was unlike anything else being made at the time. And recent history has yet to produce a sound approaching the sinister, scintillating murder chimes of this disparate group of artists from Memphis, Tennessee.

This officially unofficial compilation is far from a ‘best of…’ Triple Six Mafia set. More, it’s an album of choice cuts that would have largely gone unheard by most fans of the two-member group now known as Three 6 Mafia, and that capture the essence, atmosphere and spirit of the Era Of The Six.



And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out parts one and two of our exclusive interview with the man on the intro…

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