A Dedication To Jermaine Dupri – Compiled And Mixed By Rob Pursey and Jimmy Plates by Southern Hospitality on Mixcloud

“So much can be said about Jermaine Dupri’s work over the last 20 years, but in short he has truly been one of the undisputed mainstays in soundtracking this generation. After hella years dancing and paying dues with the likes of Whodini, his breakout smashes with Kriss Kross and then Da Brat were merely the start to a career that by the turn of the last century was rightfully at the forefront of rap and R&B – whether it was Mariah, Usher, Total and Aaliyah or Biggie, Jay-Z, Ludacris and UGK – Jermaine Dupri has the ear of the youth, and unquestionably the clubs. Even through the mid 00s ATL renaissance, JD was firmly there leanin’ and rockin’ with the new heroes like it ain’t no damn thing too! It would have been impossible to do a comprehensive anthology of JD’s work or the So So Def back catalogue (unless you had a good few days or so spare on your iPod) and this isn’t that. Instead it’s mine and Jimmy Plates’ take on the production work of one of the greats and a celebration of the records that we’ve been (and STILL are) partying to, for the last couple of decades! Y’all know what it is! Enjoy.” – Rob