No GROAT conversation can hold any level of historic credibility if Houston legend K-Rino isn’t spoken of with the same dignity as the more obvious candidates.

Aside from his cavernously deep underground discography, consistently high-powered flow and precision lyrical strikes, one of the key reasons that K should form part of any Greatest.. debate is his formidable conquest of the English language: a battle that few could argue he isn’t winning.

Since Eminem and the preceding generation of stylistic bastard sons, there hasn’t been the kind of lyrical revolution that a genre of music so vernacular-centric should expect. And this has nothing to do with entertainment. There’s nothing we like more than Jeezy’s ‘yeahs’ or OJ Da Juice’s ‘ays’ over some dope beats; but when the conversation gets technical, look no further than Houston’s Dead End representative, head of the South Park Coalition and NOI professeur, Mr K-Rino (that’s Killer Rhymes Intellectually Nullifying Opponents) for your one-man rap revolutionary.

Influenced by no one except himself and the definitive not-everyone’s-cup-of-tea Elijah Muhammed, if 2008 is anything to go by (four albums rappers! Pay attention!) expect more ingenious song concepts, the realest reality raps and painfully incisive lyrical cluster bombs in 2009.

But for now here’s a selection of some of his best work:

K-Rino – ‘Agitated’ from K-Rino – ‘The Head Hunters’ (Compilation)


K-Rino – ‘Y’all Can’t’ from K-Rino – ‘Fear No Evil’

[audio:Ya’ll_Can’t.mp3|titles=Y’All Can’t|artists=K-Rino]

K-Rino – ‘Who Am I?’ from K-Rino – ‘Worst Rapper Alive’

[audio:Who_Am_I.mp3|titles=Who Am I|artists=K-Rino]

K-Rino ft. K-Water – ‘Blast On Um’ from K-Rino – ‘Triple Darkness Vol. 1: Wreck Time’

[audio:blast_on_um.mp3|titles=Blast On Um|artists=K-Rino and K-Water]

K-Rino – ‘Knockin Our Hustle’ from K-Rino – ‘Triple Darkness Vol. 1: Wreck Time’

[audio:knockin_our_hustle.mp3|titles=Knockin Our Hustle|artists=K-Rino]

K-Rino ft. Ashlei, Dope-E & Mr Cap – ‘Like That’ from K-Rino – ‘Time Traveller’

[audio:Like_That.mp3|titles=Like That|artists=K-Rino, Ashlei, Dope-E and Mr Cap]