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Aaliyah (RIP) 10-Year Tribute Mix – By Rob Pursey by Southern Hospitality on Mixcloud

Re-Upped from 2012

Baby Girl would have been 33 today, this is the mix I did last August for the 10 year anniversary of her tragic death. R.I.P. one more time… “As I’m sure many of you are aware, this Thursday marks 10 years since the tragic, way-too-soon death of Aaliyah. Despite this passing of time it barely needs to be said that we’re still playing her records each week as if they’d just been released and her work with Timbaland particularly, seems more relevant than ever to this new generation of RnB artists. This quick live mix I did is just my dedication to one of the artists who burned brighter than most in her short career and helped create the blueprint for so much of the music I love right now. By no means is it a complete collection of the amazing body of work she amassed in her career, but instead is a mix of some classics, special 12″ remixes, non-album cuts and a few personal favourites. One thing I always thought, and was reminded of whilst  jammin this together, was how other-worldy Aaliyah’s vocals always sounded. They sound even more so now. R.I.P. Baby Girl.” -Rob

Shout out Davey Boy Smith for the super-fresh artwork