There are very (very) few artists that give us the kind of adrenaline-intoxicated stomach butterflies that a new song or verse from Mr No Hoe so consistently does. There’s something so satisfyingly comprehensive about his bars – the way his elasticated voice reels from scraper car screech to Gatling gun spray, leaving it all decidedly in the booth. So make sure you cop D-Lo‘s new You Played Me EP for its super-Cali-fragilisticexpiali-dope tracks (seriously, ask any Yay Area DJ about You Played Me and they’ll bear ear to ear smiles and welcome you in for a bottle of double chocolate stout) and stupid doo-doo dumb thrift store price tag.

Don’t sleep on East Oakland’s Acktup (pictured) though. He holds it down hecka nicely as always and is one of the many ones to watch from the heaving body of talent coming out of the Town. Below is his latest video for ‘Money Bag Swag’. And keep an eye and ear out for Indecent The Slapmaster as his slaps are clearly more than decent.

Acktup ft. D-Lo – ‘My Niggaz’ (Prod. By Indecent The Slapmaster)
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