Our love and admiration for ISSUE and his music is well documented. He really is one of a kind. So you can imagine our excitement when we learned our friends over at the consistently excellent and now fully refurbished AO-AO were going to release ‘AURA’ – ISSUE’s collaborative album with Manchester producer Big War.

As with much of ISSUE’s work, ‘AURA’ very generously rewards repeated listening in the same way a fine painting needs a good several minutes in front of it to fully sink in. And you could do a lot worse than reading Dummy Mag’s double-headed interview with the pair while you indulge in the full ‘AURA’ experience.

If you don’t have time to take in the whole project this very second though we’ve picked out an immediate favourite in ‘I’m Ill (Electric Eel)’, which sounds like the son of a rap legend deconstructing Purity Ring to our young ears.

Enjoy – and look out for a very special project we’ve got coming soon with ISSUE. More info on that to come.