Taking strides towards fulfilling our dreams of the Club God one day being as ubiquitous as the Based God, Houston producer, rapper and strip club etiquette expert Beat King finally drops his long awaited ‘AstroWorld’ mixtape.

As well as some brand new club anthems and highlights from his recent ‘Club God 2’ project, we get some typically hilarious freestyles over classic Houston and southern rap instrumentals. Real connoisseur’s selections too.

And as with any and every Beat King release its as perfectly judged as it is intensely hardcore. There probably isn’t a rapper alive who understands the intricacies of vocal dynamics as much as this man, evident in the way he pauses, drops and grunts like Vampire Of Memphis era Juicy J. His comic timing is also painfully undervalued. Larry David need look no further if he was ever considering a situation comedy situated in a Texas strip club.

Needless to say, go the hell in.