At the rate he’s going in 2014, Houston’s hardest-working rapper slash producer is on a trajectory his long-time fans could only dream of.

Not even two weeks after his most recent masterpiece ‘Gangsta Stripper Music 2’ got that coveted Pitchfork review, the now Danny Brown-cosigned Club God unleashes his Pole Sex EP – nine tracks of slow stripper sex music in the vein of classic mid to late 2000s Mr Lee.

Kicking off with a Club God remix of Houston radio favourite ‘Smile’, which reworks the beat to let the central sample unravel to blissful effect, the back-to-back slow and low anthems keep on coming, every track a highlight.

As ever with Beat King though, his spoken word testaments can be as enthralling as his highest testosterone club cuts. On ‘Outro’ he tells the story of the day he went to Mr Lee’s studio-mansion and picked out the beat for ‘Smile’. It’s one of the most entertaining and inspiring recorded moments of 2014, and with a collaborative mixtape with Gangsta Boo (entitled ‘Underground Cassette Tape Music’) and ‘Club God 4’ in the works, there really is no one person we’re more excited about hearing from.