Even on Berner's super solid White Album, the K.R.I.T.-produced, K.R.I.T. and Wiz-featuring, Big Pimpin-esque anthem 'Yoko' was a complete career high, with the song getting the unbelievably slept-on rapper extensive media coverage, hundreds of strip club spins and millions of Worldstar views. Within a few hours of the release of this new version though, directed by the always overachieving Tha Razor and now featuring singer-turned-rapper-that's-far,-far-better-than-most-rappers Chris Brown, he's on half a mill and rising. In case you haven't been paying attention, Berner is an artist who has done everything the right way and built a loyal regional following in the Bay Area off a deep catalogue of very strong albums, and this incarnation of his biggest single to date is hopefully definitely the one that'll take him national and beyond. Salute.