The Block Beattaz are steadily, and outstandingly, creating a new aural plane for hip-hop of southern origin, sampling anything and everything that catches their ear and really making music that will stand the test of time. And ST 2 Lettaz is truly one of the great unsung heroes doing it in the bottom, or indeed anywhere, right now.

Keep your eyes and ears open for his upcoming ‘The Highlight Tape’ mixtape with DJ Dirrty dropping October 20th, the man’s birthday, and the now officially release-dated ‘Huntsville International’ project with Burn One, which will be hitting the streets on November 9th – the 10th anniversary of the creation of Slow Motion Soundz. Epic probably doesn’t cover it.

Until then though, here’s CC of COR, AC Burna of Untamed and Mista 2 Lettaz! Enjoy!

CC ft. ST 2 Lettaz & AC Burna – ‘Cost Too Much’ (Prod. by Mali Boi of the Block Beattaz)
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