We’re in a U.K. state of mind right now with so much great music coming from these shores, so we thought we’d take a second to think back to more innocent times with this classic clip from Westwood’s N-Sign Radio. I remember taping this as part of the two-hour ‘Night Network’ special along with an episode of Batman and Pop Quiz with Mick (from Pat and Mick) and it was seriously the musical highlight of what was then a barren time for hip-hop on TV. So many amazing people performed in the studio for Tim, like Biz and KRS (check the bonus vid below!), but this one from the Demon Boyz sticks in the brain whenever I think of N-Sign. Their album ‘Recognition’ will likely always be my fave UK hip-hop album (my copy’s so burnt out I appreciated that CD re-issue!) with tracks like this, ‘Rougher Than An Animal’, ‘Vibes’ and ”Lyrical Culture’ still sounding super-dope two decades later. Raw beats with incredible voices and delivery…plus they had dance moves that I could rock! Props to true Southern Hospitality heroes.

Bonus clip – BDP – ‘Stop The Violence’ (loving KRS’ ‘RapSonic’ T-Shirt!)