Huntsville’s Cole Boyz really couldn’t have called their debut album anything else. Well over 18 months in the making and including stone cold classics like the haunting ‘Marching 2 Zion‘, both incredible versions of ‘Da Woodz’ and ‘Bloody Sunday‘, which featured on our collaborative mixtape with ATL’s Governed By Loyalty Southern Loyalty – this is truly an album with heart and soul. We’ve lived with it for over a week now, as we knew on one listen that there was just too much to discover and wanted to do it justice. Now, after blasting it on the daily, our instincts were correct. Each track is powered by not only pounding drums and low-end Southern grooves, but the individual, engaging and passsionate¬† rap stylings of the blood-related group members, that fully warrant any previous comparisons to Goodie Mob. A track like ‘Play Hard‘ is the perfect example of what makes this album great, with its driving, but defiantly musical groove in perfect synergy with the militant raps allowing your mind to expand whilst your body gets crunk. In fact, its the natural sound of everything contained on ‘The Heartz Of Dixie’ that is its trump card, whether its the smokers ode ‘Pleazure (feat. Devin The Dude)‘ or the spiritual narrative of ‘Crystal Stair’ , like all great rap groups, The Cole Boyz invite you into their world. The latter (and records like ‘Daddy’ and ‘Annie T‘) recall the best music of ‘Bama heroes Dirty and early Field Mob; music that not only entertains, but also allows you to experience a feeling. For that we thank The Cole Boyz and know that you will be doing the same once you’ve felt their music too. Awesome stuff.

– Rob

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