2010 was a big year for Corey Davis. As well as cementing his position as one of ATL and NYC’s most sought-after tattoo artists through his work with the City Of Ink family, he became one of the very few American film directors to shoot a grime video, as was the case with Kozzie’s Back Again, one of his first assignments for the Dame Dash-helmed Creative Control. ‘J Is For Junkie’, as you’ll read in his below words on the project, is a project that is close to his heart. The documentary focuses on a group of crack addicts living in Atlanta in a small cove behind a gas station called the ‘Living Room’, and will be showcased a number of film festivals in ATL, LA, NYC and Chicago. Enjoy.

This is my first serious attempt at film making… Growing up I never had a father, because he was out running the streets getting high… Right around the time I was born, the mid 80’s, African-American communities across the country was struck by the crack epidemic. Which robbed us our prideful culture and instantly perverted it into a counter-culture where playgrounds became warzones and families were destroyed.

Growing up, I never really respected junkies… I Just always knew they couldn’t be trusted and they made fucked up decisions… But one day in October, I decided to start filming a group crack addicts in Atlanta who live outside in a small cove behind a Texaco, infamously dubbed as the “Living Room” who share their stories and tell us what it’s like to live with a deadly addiction to crack-cocaine. Their stories would change me forever…

Also, the second issue of Corey’s Greedmont Magazine is out now, featuring interviews with Miya Bailey from City Of Ink, Dev of ‘Like A G6’ fame, and much, much more.

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