Taken from DB’s upcoming ‘The Young OG II’ mixtape, this might be the sickest Eazy sample on a rap song since Slim Thugga’s hypnotic Thug. And any time we hear something rough, ready and raw from the General and co, now that she’s been released back into society, we can’t help but long for V-Nasty to crowbar her way into the studio and lay down some eye-watering petroleum spray, so similarly biting are their voices and close their proximities. Let’s make it happen.

[audio:DB Tha General ft. D-Lo – Bury Mutafuckas.mp3|titles=Bury Muthafuckas|artists=DB Tha General ft. D-Lo and Quise Tha Criminal]
Download: DB Tha General ft. D-Lo & Quise Tha Criminal – ‘Bury Muthafuckas’

Via Digital Dripped.