I'm a come right out and say it – this mix is THE BOMB!!! Big Jacks has put together a mix of the most supreme quality, containing so many of the soulful gems that have soundtracked my life and many, many more that will after hearing this mix. Whilst some of these tracks have been sampled by celebrated hip-hop producer, this is not a breaks mix, instead is a journey through soul-drenched music where the emphasis is on the singer, the groove and the song…all of which are sublime. Too many tracks to mention and as he hasn't included a track-list – I won't blow his cover – ha (although I'm a be asking him about plenty myself!). So, I'm going to extend my personal gratitude to Big Jacks for showcasing my favourite zone of soul music and one thats so often neglected in the hip-hop/breaks sphere and one that reminds me of epic nights at the Southport Weekender and similar events. The title says it all – respect is due.