As much as it consolidates – fervently but in a reassuringly concise presentation – Yelawolf‘s spot as one of this year’s most exciting, dextrous and sickest spitting solo artists, ‘Trunk Muzik’ also brings to the table the truly vicious bass button pushing and atmospheric space creating talents of Will Power of Supa Hot Beats, while reaffirming DJ Burn One‘s position as one of the very few individuals artists should be approaching to put together their projects. Burn One doesn’t shove his name, abrasively and all in your earhole at every opportunity, he just lays back, burning one we presume, and laces artists with the best representation of their music they could hope for. The implications of this for us? That Project Pat might release his best album in years when Burn One hits his career high this year and adds the North Memphis legend to his resumé.

But for now, this is Yela’s time. And it’s incredible.