So when did you meet Husalah?
Shit I met Husalah around the times I started going around the studio. I was about 13 or something, or 12. I was like in the seventh grade when I met Hus. And, you know, the nigga was cool. He’s always been the same motherfucker man since I first met him. Always been a fool, you know what I’m saying? He always carry a little protection on him, you know a ham sandwich, a little hammer on him. We call em ham sandwiches ‘cause they bad for your health you know what I mean? He always had something on him so we always liked him for that. Like he was a real solid cat, and he gonna make sure nothing happen so I fucked with him. He was young as fuck but I still fucked with him because he was real. Shit, Husalah’s here right now. He’s in a halfway house right now, but you know they can come out ‘til like 3pm or 4:30pm during the day time, so he’s actually here at my house right now.

What was the reunion like when he got out a few weeks ago?
Fuckin’ hilarious man, that nigga is fuckin’ hilarious. He’s a hilarious like real funny kinda guy. He’s a real good people person man, so when I first seen him, we actually went to the federal penitentiary where they had him. It was a real eerie looking place. A crazy looking place, Terminal Island in Long Beach. When they let this nigga out man, it was like the funniest shit I’ve ever seen [laughs]. You should have seen this boy, he was so happy when he came out them gates boy. It’s been great man, the response has been cool. Everybody know he’s in a halfway house and can’t really come fuck with us and shit, you know what I mean, at night when we be partying and shit. He got eight months in there and when they see him making any progress they’ll let him do what he wants to do and go home. We just trying to knock it down as short as possible so we can get back to what we normally do.

[audio:niggas_out_there_mine.mp3|titles=Niggas Out There Mine|artists=The Jacka and Husalah]

Are you guys able to record together at all?
Not yet, we will today though. I got a video shoot in the Oakland Hills right now and shit he gotta be back at 3:30 California time. Me and him haven’t been able to record but he’s recorded things since he’s been home though.

Do you think now he’s home there’s going to be a new dynamic that’s going to affect your music?
Man now he home he really trying to come up with a whole new, you know Hus is a real creative dude. So I can’t wait to fuckin see what he likes, I can’t wait to see what it is that he gon do. Because he’s crazy man, he really comes with some dope shit and it wasn’t really until he got locked up that I really realised how dope his albums and shit was that he was dropping. And how much of an influence they had on the streets and shit. Because I used to be the nigga in the background, just smoking hella weed on stage until my part came up and everybody usually just know my words so I just come out and everybody’s singing, the crowd’s participating with me and I’d just get back in the cut and smoke some weed and just chill out. And Hus, my boy Husalah and my boy Pretty Black, rest in peace, them boys just used to be really on the stage and getting it in. Really putting on a show and doing they thing and people were loving em you know what I mean? So when he had ended up leaving, going to prison, shit I had to step my game up and really like get out there. You know, because it was just me now.

My boy Pretty Black he ended up getting killed in Oakland and shit so it really wasn’t anybody else that I had. Everybody around was just young kids that was in our life and cool with us but they was young and now they grown so they were the ones who shut it down with me while Hus was locked up and shit and we just really started our own movement out here in these streets man and really just smash it everywhere we go just smash it hard. We gotta kick some nigga’s ass, we gon’ kick they ass. We gotta shoot it out, we gon’ shoot it out. We gotta do what we gotta do that makes motherfuckers respect us so that they know we doin this. This is what we do, we come from the same streets, we come from hardcore mean streets doing some mean things, we got a mean machine rolling so I ain’t got a problem with fucking a nigga up, period. You know what I mean, but I’m doing this music shit and I want y’all to respect that man and let’s do it bro. Help us push this shit nigga, so we just got all the crazy, mainy motherfuckers involved with us right now and helping us push this movement.

‘Cause we from the same place. We want every project, every fuckin ghetto, every slum in America promoting our shit. We don’t go to the radio station and sit up there with the promoters and just chill, we go really to the slums. We ain’t out there flossing in big ass chains, we got nice ass cars and shit but they respect that. We just really coming back and putting niggas on. We ain’t just talking about it, we putting niggas in the studio every night that ain’t really got shit and they really just trying to make it with this music. So we just opening the door for them and sending them down a good avenue.

Now he’s back we’re feeling the momentum shift to a whole nother elevation man, it feel real good.

You must be real happy with how Tear Gas has been received.
Yeah man, I’m hella happy man. I’m happy how it’s a big deal, people are making a big deal out of it you know what I mean but I still feel like it could do better. The music is exactly what I wanted it to be but as far as like the push on it and everything like that I feel like it could have been better. But I didn’t really just smash on the people I really needed to smash on and get it all the way out there like it should have been but it still did good enough by word of mouth that I really can’t complain.

What are your favourite tracks on Tear Gas?
Shit I like Dopest Forreal, I like Summer, Dream, I like really all the songs on there. I put em all on there for a different reason. I got a song with this cat Young Cellski called Won’t Be Right on the album and I did that because it’s a real authentic Bay Area sound. It’s a real authentic San Francisco, Hunter’s Point, Lakeview, the real slums of San Francisco though. Because when you think of San Francisco if you’ve never been there you probably think a whole nother thing but San Francisco is like one of the sickest cities in California as far as the crime rate. There’s like areas in Frisco where it’s just all blacks and they’re all fucking crazy on dope and selling dope and just straight thuggin. Like Hunter’s Point, Lakeview, Double Rock, Fillmoe, it’s just some crazy shit going on over there.

[audio:Dopest_forreal.mp3|titles=Dopest Forreal|artists=The Jacka]

There’s a lot of substance on the album and a lot of shit, a lot of new sounding shit but they like that authentic Bay shit. They really pounding that song and the other shit right now, they still like our sound and they ain’t used to yet but they getting used to it. And they starting to love it. You know how we loved our parents music and our parents loved their parents music, they starting to love it, they starting to grow with it and not leave home without it and not take it out the deck. People come up to me and tell me ‘man I haven’t even taken the album out the deck since I bought it bro because every time I listen to it I hear something new every day and I’m still getting used to it, I gotta get used to that sound man because it’s been a long time since we heard good shit so I gotta soak it all up and let it stay in my brain. Like a lot of people tell me that and I really like that. I kinda like the fact that they don’t really get it in one listen or one sitting.

You knew what you were doing putting ‘Summer’ as the first track though right? You must have laughed about that, like ‘this is gonna kill ‘em’.
Yeah I had to put that as the first track just so I can wake everybody up fast, you know what I mean? I could put any song on there first, but I rather put that song on first because it’s slow and it’s just real music man. It’s like shit this is the shit y’all been waitin for. You been waiting for this album, this is the shit you waited on, so I’m gonna come out the gate with something that’s really gonna wake you up and open you up fast. And that’s why I did ‘Summer’ like that.

Did you get Andre Nickatina in the video for ‘Glamorous Lifestyle’?
Yeah, he in the video and it’s looking good. I just seen the video and it’s amazing man I can’t wait for it to come out man, it’s a real fun song and a real fun video. We had a lot of fun on that video.

You can’t get bored of that track, it’s a crazy beat by Traxamillion.
[Laughs] Right on, I appreciate that man, yeah shoutout to Traxamillion man, he went in on that beat. As soon as I heard it I just knew man, I just snuck it out. When I heard the beat I just took it and snuck the beat from him man. And I just went to the studio and just dropped my shit on it. And then he just ended up hearing it later. And I only had two verses on there and shit. The first two verses and then the chorus. And I was like ‘man I need to get a feature on this’. And the only thing I could hear was Andre Nickatina’s voice on that song for some reason. That’s the only thing I could hear. And there’s a lot of rappers that I could have fucked with for that song. How cool he is and the way he know how to ride a beat, I knew he’d murder that track. So I had to get him on it man. And he went out his way, he came way out of his way to come do that track, it was really like a fuckin honour to get him on that track. As real as he is and with the kind of shit he talks to me about, just trying to keep us doing our thing, I gotta have him around. I gotta fuck with him. Just because he’s so real. It’s hard to get a song with Andre Nickatina.

[audio:Girls_Say.mp3|titles=Girls Say|artists=The Jacka and Andre Nickatina]

There’s so many motherfuckers that ask me, ‘How do I get him?’ and shit I don’t even wanna call him because I know he not fucking with em, you know? He got money, he don’t give a fuck about what you got, you gotta make him a real nice offer to get him to do a song with you. It was a real honour because he’s been doing this shit since the beginning of time, as far back as I can remember. He’s one of the first Bay Area rappers doing it on an underground level, you know? It was like too much man. When he was telling me he liked our music, and he fucked with us, and every time I’d see him he’d hit me off with one of my rhymes off one of my albums or one of my songs, man I’d be like this is so good. And I’m happy to have a nigga like that around, so definitely get him on my single, you know what I mean? Because he real.

Are there any plans for any more Mob Figaz albums?
We got plans to do it, but we just so tied up right now with solo shit, we just Mob Figaz, we just pushing the label and we all involved in that and we just pushing the Mob Figaz the movement, ‘cause it’s big out here. Mob Figaz is like a crew, it’s huge. A lot of motherfuckers fuck with the Mob Figaz. It’s real out here with that. It’s bigger than music now, it’s more like an organisation. You know what I’m saying? So we just pushing the movement. We gon put an album out once Hus get on the street, once he get out the situation he’s in, we’re just gonna get it in. It’s a lot of labels waiting on us too to fuckin do that shit but we gotta stay out of trouble you know so first and foremost we gotta be around to promote an album. Everybody in the group to promote it. That’s why the Mob Figaz did so good when we first came out, as far as the underground scene goes, man we sold what I sold in two cities alone in the first week. When Mob Figaz first dropped, the first month or so we sold hella records. We did real, real good.

Motherfuckers is waiting on that unity and waiting to see that brotherhood man. They like that, you know? Because we always stuck together, we never had no problems with each other because it’s more than rap, it ain’t no rap shit with us. We been around with each other before all the music and shit so we stand for a lot more than just this music shit as far as the Mob go. We with each other everyday. My nigga Fed-X is here, my nigga motherfuckin Husalah’s here, AP9 come through all the time and Rydah J. Klyde is always just with him because they from Ohio and shit. So we fuck with each other constantly, so it’s just a matter of like trying to get this shit together. We gotta do something to generate some dough because we all working on our solo shit, we eating like this. We can’t just stop doing what we doing that’s putting food on our table to do something unless someone’s really got some serious dough. Come on, give us some of that serious money these motherfuckers got and let’s do it man. Let’s take this shit over. Everybody right now’s on some skinny jeans… what it is, is motherfuckers who are in the industry they want what’s gon’ make some money.

[audio:California_gangsta.mp3|titles=California Gangsta|artists=The Jacka and Fed-X]

They don’t want what’s gon’ last forever. They want to make that quick wop, right there on the spot. And if it’s gotta be some bullshit, it’s gotta be some bullshit. But we ain’t trippin off none of that shit man, we know that motherfuckers respect us and we gon’ be around just like Pimp C and Bun B and 8Ball and MJG, all the dope dudes that stuck with each other and really didn’t fall off with each other and kept it lit. That’s how we gon’ do.

Mob Figaz are like the UGK of the Bay for sure.
We trying to be just like that. We definitely trying to be just how they are because they just kept it real with each other and kept it real with the people man, and stayed eating pie man. You know, you gotta eat pie man all the time. You can’t stop eating pie and then you fall off and now you eating pie – and I mean humble pie. Because a lot of times, motherfuckers don’t start eating that humble pie until they fall off and people quit fucking with them.

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