When the New York Times states that: “Last year, hip-hop belonged to Huntsville, Alabama” – citing definitive mixes such as the ‘TrapsNTrunks.com Presents: Huntsville, Alabama: Rocket City’ mixtape and our very own ‘The Huntsville Alabama Mix Parts One and Two‘ – they do so knowing that a city doesn’t own hip-hop with one song, namely 6 Tre G’s breakout Fresh.

Ask any Huntsvegas hip-hop devotee which production team has spearheaded and characterised the pioneering future-classic sounds of the Rocket City and they’ll have beamed the words Block Beattaz before you intonate the question mark.

So it is not only a rare, but a momentous treat to be able to take this short virtual stroll through the great state’s sonic epicentre courtesy of Alabama Hustle Unit’s G-Mane and Bentley.

Even more rare and historic though is the launch last week of Slow Motion Soundz UK, the European arm of the musical soul of Huntsville.

UK artists from any genre are invited to join SMS UK and fuse their sound with Alabama’s finest. Contact: daveyboysmith@southernhospitality.co.uk to register interest.