Filmed by the Speed Of Sound Family at the new 6,000 sq ft Speed Of Sound, Sound Engineering Facility, this typically dignified G-Side experience, produced masterfully by Slow Motion Soundz intern R.Dot, came out of nowhere. And this, like all music from Huntsville’s and rap’s non-hipster avant garde, feels like it’s suspended in another realm.

What is essentially just black light takes on a more potent form, leaving the viewer half-stunned as Clova flows between a rap and a whisper, and ST, ever his partner’s sonic polar opposite, rap’s like that fighter that keeps hitting you with big punches but holds back just enough so he can keep on hitting you, switching up boxing styles for the fans as he floats and stings.

The concept of being “way above the clouds, right below space”, as Clova put it on Huntsville International the song, is now being expressed visually in videos that don’t fit any mould.

Via R.Dot’s blog.