It is with great sadness and frustration that we announce that G-Side’s ‘The Huntsville International Project’, which was supposed to be released today – the 10th anniversary of Slow Motion Soundz – has been delayed until further notice because the hard drive it was on was stolen from the SMS studio. Details are scarce at the moment, but everyone involved is visibly distraught by the events of late last night. Thankfully though, there is some silver lining as Codie G has made available eight unmixed and unmastered tracks to fans, with an open letter explaining the situation on the first track. Below is Codie’s description of events.

01. Open Letter
02. Aint No
03. Can’t Be Perfect
04. Whip It
05. Ink ft 6 TRE G
06. Money Machine
07. Triple Exotic
08. I Remember ft Short Change and PT
09. Take Me Higher


A lot of you were asking what was going on on Twitter last night at the studio. When I arrived at the studio H.I.P. Security officials were on hand performing a formal investigation in the disappearacne of hard drive HSV35810, the drive that held the H.I.P. project. We are at a level of“Black” the highest level of security and intelligence at SMS Headquarters. I can confirm that artist who have worked at the Speed of Sound studios files are safe and in a secure location. (Sunday on the Porch files by G-Mane have been moved to an undisclosed location due to it’s importance to Hip Hop). Jimmy Heart is on the scene and we are waiting for live reports concerning the disappearance or Hard Drive HSV35810. I was also told that an official press conference will take place. (TBA) We ask that your prayers go out to Slow Motion Soundz and all those involved. Stay Tuned to your twitter accounts and emails. As soon I get more information on this I will pass it on to you. I can also confirm strange emails and phone calls over the past few months. I have been granted permission to leak the name of the prime suspects at this time. UPEEPLE. UPEEPLE is an orgnaization we have been aware of for a few years now. They are a group of people who do not believe in our quest at Slow Motion Soundz. These guys and gals are considered a part of a larger scheme to take down hip hop to levels of no return. We at Slow Motion Soundz along with Huntsville International Project officials are working diligently to find those files. Hip Hop depends on it. Thank you. More to come.

On behalf of Slow Motion Soundz I would like to take this time to say we are neck deep into trying to find out what happened with hard drive HSV35810. We did have some pieces that didn’t make the actual cut of Huntsville International. We hid them under a secret file called Chase Rogers . Remember these are the songs that didn’t make the cut. I repeat this is not the H.I.P. It’s just something for us to feel like we delivered something to the world even through our time of hardship. Upeeple will not win.

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