Full video footage, photography and write-up of G-Side’s epic live show in Oslo, Norway to follow very shortly, but for now here are the official photos from the Club Juicy afterparty.

Southern Hospitality went back to back and shoulder to shoulder with Norway and NYC’s finest DJs in Chris Stallion and DJ Dirrty and quite simply tore the place down. Seriously, the energy in that place was off the charts.

Shouts to Chris and Patrick for holding us down out there with the Nordic hospitality; the Ballers Eve and Slo Mo family for collectively and individually being some of the realest people breathing, and Southern Hospitality close fam DJ Dub, Dr Matt and Efrat for rolling deep and partying hard all weekend.

Full photo gallery from the night right HERE.

And here’s but a taste of what went down. G-Side performing ‘Feel The’ at the Club Juicy afterparty.