As soon as we set eyes on the tracklist for G-Side’s new album Island, out now on Slow Motion Soundz via Bandcamp, we kind of knew the one with the Bentley feature might just be as hard-hitting as that other one with the Bentley feature, from their ‘Huntsville International’ album. We weren’t wrong. But, as with anything involving the heart, we couldn’t have been prepared for what the man’s soul would conjure for the typically deeply emotional Block Beattaz production. And that’s not to say ST doesn’t completely obliterate the opening verse, sounding like he’s dug deeper than even he thought he could and genuinely coming across as possessed on the mic. Even in writing this, we’re unsure who kills it the hardest though, because with the third and final verse Clova drops this absolute monster line with the delivery of an all-time great: “Ball so hard muthafuckas wanna find me / muthafuckas wanna clone me / muthafuckas wanna own me / ball so hard muhfuckas wanna sign me”. And if G-Side and friends continue on their current, purposefully steady and sky-bound trajectory, Clova’s prophecy just might come true.