G-Side back…

Yes, Southern Hospitality is immensely happy to let you know that G-Side, the Huntsville duo and Slow Motion Soundz marquee artists who split amicably last year, are now officially back together.

Appropriately, comeback song ‘Forever’ doesn’t come out all guns blazing, but rather returns to the dignified, understated but always transcendant place they left off – baby steps, we assume, before they can start to grow together again.

In-house production masters the Block Beattaz lay a typically organic foundation, sampling Angelo Badalamenti and Orbital’s ‘Beached’ from The Beach OST (that’s Leonardo DiCaprio on the intro too) and underlining the undisputable fact that the two sound better together than apart and better than almost everybody else together.

We for one can’t wait to watch and listen as the pair rebuild their legacy and take this story to its intended destination.


As premiered by NPR.