With less than a month to go until G-Side’s secrecy-shrouded new project One…The Cohesive Album, Slow Motion Soundz have made 182 seconds of sublime Huntsville space soul available for the ears of ST and Clova’s ravenous followers (and all we had to do was get SMS boss Codie G to 500 followers. Get him 500 more and he’ll release the track for download.) But this isn’t a single, or an official leak, it’s just Slow Motion Soundz doing what they always do, and that’s doing what they feel. And in their 11-year history, going with their gut rather than their sense of what they should be or what others are doing has always paid off, and cultivated a culture of carving their own lane around the rap rat race. So take this for what it is: a mesmeric, cathartic listening experience that almost definitely is nothing compared to what is coming on 1.1.11.

G-Side ft G-Mane RELAXIN’ by Codie Global