As soon as those inverted chimes resonate gently through what feels like a summer’s evening breeze in Huntsville – the location for G-Side’s new video – you’re overwhelmed with emotion. It’s the same feeling you got when those epic Mongolian panpipes came in on Clova’s Rising Sun verse and the heartfelt cries perforating the pores of sound on Impossible made things seem anything but. So we now know Bossman, who produced this track – which is only a taste of what’s to come on G-Side’s upcoming album and won’t appear on it – is the real deal (as if it wasn’t obvious from his work onĀ Can’t Outwork Me).

What stays with you though, after watching ST and Clova ride around their city, past the space station, space rocket and through the open road, top down, is the feeling that you’ve visited Huntsville. Let’s hope we get more views like this of the city the New York Times claimed owned hip-hop last year.

And let’s hope the road to G-Side’s album ‘The One…Cohesive’ isn’t too long.