It’s hard to overstate the significance of Slow Motion Soundz bucking the deep-seated trend – rule almost – of releasing music from an album before it comes out. The cumulative effect though, having been shown glimpses of what ST, Clova, Codie, CP and Mali have been seeing, and hearing what they’ve been hearing (listen below), is that you want to hear the album that much more.

But while fans won’t hear any music directly from G-Side’s forthcoming ‘One…The Cohesive Album’, which feels like it has to be their biggest moment to date, you can catch up with all 20 of the artwork leaks so far over at Huntsville Got Starz, and piece together the creative processes going on behind the scenes via the mind of label leading light Codie G. There’s a lot to get through, but it’s extremely rewarding and when the album drops on 1.1.11 you’ll feel a stronger connection to a group of people who, apart from making some of the most honest and engaging music around, are approaching it in a truly refreshing manner.

Here are just a couple of examples of what they’ve had on loop for the last six months. Produced by Cees and R.Dot, who are both reportedly being developed at the Speed Of Sound, Sound Engineering Facility in Huntsville. Artwork, as ever, by John Turner Jr. Enjoy.

Cees Production Exclusive by Codie Global

R.Dot Exclusive #Cohesive Feeling by Codie Global