In 2010, one of the greatest years for music in living memory (check our albums and singles lists for proof), it felt like we spent as much time thinking and writing about one album by two artists from Huntsville, Alabama that was yet to be released as we did all the incredible songs, mixtapes and long-players that were actually on shelves or available for download.

Anticipation for G-Side’s fourth studio album, ‘The One…Cohesive’, was life-consuming, not least because, thanks to the talent and dedication of NY artist John Turner Jr, instead of audio leaks we were teased with visual glimpses of the album’s feel and texture through his truly mesmeric, mind-bending pieces.

With the release of the album on 1-1-11, we can now, finally, fully experience not only some of the most sophisticated music in history, but also the full scope of Mr Turner Jr’s ‘The One…Cohesive’ art gallery: the digital release (physicals will be on shelves later in the first quarter) comes with an 11-page collection of original art that will blow your mind just as much as the music.

As for the music, we’re now in a position to let it do the talking; via rappers ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova, executive producers the Block Beattaz and producers Clams Casino, A-Team, DJ Burn One, ATX and Str8 Drop.

If you do anything in 2011, listen to this. We don’t need to suggest that you buy it because by now you’ll already be doing so.