Boo and Koop

This is the first time since Gangsta Boo left the Six that I’ve really felt she’s lived up to her potential, commemorated appropriately I feel by the above shot of her and the much missed Koopsta Knicca. Sampling her excruciatingly dope Hard Not 2 Kill, itself a reprise of the glorious Killa Klan Kaze’s criminally insane track of the same name (basically, if you don’t own Both Worlds *69, Kamakazie: Timez Up and, an absolute must if ever there was one, Da Devil’s Playground, you need to rectify that right away), the gangsta lady is back with ‘The Mask’ (from Smallz and Neptune’s upcoming Southern Smoke TV Vol. 4 mixtape), and we’re more than enthused. M-M-M-M-M-Mafiaaaa!!!

Gangsta Boo – ‘The Mask’
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Big up to the DGB Posse!