Bizzy Bone

With elusive Bone Thug expatriate Bizzy Bone back with the group after years of drugs, alcohol and embalming fluid abuse, evident here in an interview with the homie Matt Sonzala, and a proper reunion album on the cards, here are a few reminders of why more Bizzy Bone is always a good thing.

Now while we love us some unhinged, buzzin’ Bizzy….

….the studio clearly works for him as well:

Bizzy Bone – ‘Get Bizzy’ from ‘Ruthless’

[audio:get_bizzy.mp3|titles=Get Bizzy|artists=Bizzy Bone]

Finally, check this rare glimpse of BTNH with the man who put them on (you may recognise him) and some recent heat from Krayzie Bone:

Krayzie Bone – ‘Perfect Execution’ from ‘Smoke On This’

[audio:perfect_execution.mp3|titles=Perfect Execution|artists=Krayzie Bone]