When it comes to all things Huntsvegas and hip-hop there’s only one man you need to speak to. Meet Codie G, who has been our number one source for all of the breathtaking slow motion sounds we’ve been bumping, writing about and living with for the last few years, and who we have now discovered raps (and speaks – check him speaking knowledge spoken word style on track eight on G-Side’s sublime ‘Starshipz & Rocketz’ LP) under the name G.I.H.A.D.

He’s also on his second book – “As Seen From Here…Alabama” – a book that speaks on the education system, racism, the prison system, family, fatherhood, and many more topics from the standpoint of a soul born and raised in Alabama. – so look out for that too!

And when the Block Beataz are involved you can always guarantee it’s going to be something space age. Codie, we salute you.

G.I.H.A.D. & Eric Robertson – ‘Must Be (Music)’
[audio:G.I.H.A.D._and_Eric_Roberson_-_Must_Be_(Music)_www.southernhospitality.co.uk.mp3|titles=Must Be (Music)|artists=G.I.H.A.D. & Eric Robertson]