Yes…this is definitely what we need right here! The re-meeting of two musical ‘great minds’ aka the homies DJ Eleven and Big Jacks return for the follow up to their classic first edition, bringing more incredible disco-infused jams from the archives….one look at that tracklist tells you all you need to know!

Plus, for those lucky enough to live in Toronto, you’ll be able able to catch them DJing together once again on NYE at what is guaranteed to be an epic night:

Move 2011
Augusta House – 152A Augusta Avenue, Toronto
Eleven, Big Jacks, Royale, and Bozack Morris ring in the new year!
10PM-very late

In the meantime however, treat yourself to one of the classiest damn mixes you’ll have heard all year!

DOWNLOAD (One Track Version)

DOWNLOAD (zip folder w/ one track, front art, back art, and tracklisting)