Proof yet again that when it comes to production in Alabama, the south, the United States of America, and the world, the Block Beataz are really the only choice. And this video, highlighted by Huntsville’s international correspondent Codie G, and performed by Hater Proof, is just another example of raw, unfiltered and always totally sublime rap music from Southern Hospitality’s second home deep down south (although we haven’t quite moved in yet, or crossed the state lines for that matter).

And since Bama is the future, we present to you a couple of junts from the past:

Po’ One – ‘Levels’
[|titles=Levels|artists=Po’ One]

…and present:

Swagg Buddies – ‘Going Ham’
[|titles=Going Ham|artists=Swagg Buddies]

And in case you missed the comedic delights of Jimmy Heart’s recent The Heart Beat Episode 2, you can peep an interview with the Swagg Buddies among other totally miscellaneous madness.