It feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for this moment and now it’s finally here.

Long-time Southern Hospitality favourites the HBK Gang – which comprises long-time Southern Hospitality favourites Iamsu!, P-Lo, Sage The Gemini, Skipper, Rossi, CJ, Jay Ant and Kool John – mercifully release their debut group project to the world, having perfected their brilliantly vibrant party sound over the past two years.

‘Gang Forever’ includes ‘She Ready’, which you would have heard at any and every Southern Hospitality party since it dropped in January 2012, as well as recent anthem ‘Gettin It’ and a ton of new material, all produced by The Invasion. The mixtape is as definitive a statement of the crew’s sound and dynamic as we could have hoped for, and if Diddy doesn’t show his face in the ‘Can’t Hold Me Down’ video we’ll be very surprised.

To top it all off, the gang is going on tour for the next month and a half – you can check dates and buy tickets here.