Emma and Mia, the impossibly talented Finnish pop duo formerly known as Le Corps Mince De Francoise, now going by the far punchier, way poppier LCMDF, have taken time out from their busy touring schedule to help us put together this very special project.

Released in February on the legendary Heavenly Recordings, LCMDF's highly acclaimed, gloriously leftfield Love & Nature album gained the Helsinki sisters an adoring fanbase across Europe and beyond. Recorded in Berlin's Kaiku Studios, the project has such a distinct, powerful and pure sound that we knew we wouldn't be the only ones absolutely dying to hear the music in bare boned form. 

And so, Heavenly and Southern Hospitality, in our first official release as Heavenly Hospitality, are overjoyed to offer the 'Love & Nature' (Bare Boned Edition) for free download. We know you'll love this as much as we do.

Free download: HVNSH001: LCMDF – 'Love & Nature' (Bare Boned Edition)

Bonus video: