Man…last week’s HHK was great. Loads of new faces – incredible performances like the one above from Amber MC (glad we caught that on film – hence the no rewind – ha ha!), and as ever the best atmosphere you could find in London. Thanks as always to the HHK Crew in effect – our awesome host Marc Choice, Superix on the wheels with me and Bobby Champagne and Davey Boy Smith holding it down on the sign-up. Props also to the Social Staff – Bona, Tim, Musa, Bruno, Tim H,, Joseph, Emily and everyone else working that night – and of course our regualars and close friends in attendance like Efrat, J-Bo, Blackstar, Maddy, Crack Baby, Tom, Akuma, Zoe, Sixth, the one and only Col and of course Big Floyd aka Young Moolah Baby!

Check the pictures out here.