Now we’re twice a month, HHK just seems to have taken on a life of its own. Rammed all night with an amazing crowd of people who understand what the night is all about and are ready to party! We’ve definitely got the best and most diverse audience in London, and all the performers (however experienced!) truly make the night special.

Marc Choice as ever proved why he’s the best host in London – as anyone who’s seen him will attest – and once again the HHK crew made it all happen, props to Superix on the wheels, Bobby Champagne Jnr. and Davey Boy Smith on the sign-up. Also a huge shout out to Prankster whose amazing mic skills and energy once again was enough to make an impromptu dance class set off…as you can see from the video (Brixton peepss – look out for a night I’m doing with Prankster very soon).

Once again I’ve got to shout out all the Social staff on the night (Bona, Tim, Musa, Matt, Bruno, Joseph etc.) and all regulars who came through and those who wished me and my wife well after our difficult week, particularly Efrat, Hollie, Leon, Aaron, Leanne (congrats on the baby!) and of course, the man…Big ‘YM’ Floyd.

We’re back at the start of next month – Thursday November 5th (pretty sure there’s nothing else going on on that date?) – and then on Thursday 19th – so see you then!