As you can see from the clip, Bestival was 100% official! The sun was shining, the sound system in the Rizla Arena was knocking and the crowd were amped! For the full three hours of HHK there was a queue to get in and those lucky enough to were treated to performances like that of ‘The Colonel’ above, and so many others like the girl who ripped ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ and Emma Jones aka ‘The Ginger Ninja’ closing the show with an epic version of ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’. Shit was crazy – Marc even had his shirt taken off by an (already) shirtless man at one point!

On that note I’ve got to say a MEGA thankyou to Marc Choice who killed it for 3 hours straight despite having a broken foot! The word ‘legend’ is used lightly these days, but I’m happy to attach it to Marc Choice’s name anytime. Plus, of course, the rest of the HHK crew – Bobby Champagne Jnr. and Christian de Cruz who (as the public face of HHK) managed to deal with one of the most frenzied sign-up sessions of all time, and my DJ partner in crime Superix who rocked the Rizla Arena before and after the performances in fine style!

Also, to all the good people from Heavenly, Exposure and Rizla who looked after us, hung with us and were just generally all round good people the whole weekend – Carlos, Dave, Danny, Anna, Sam, Mark on the sound and everyone else involved. The Rizla Arena ran things once again, seriously – was the place to be ALL weekend.

Oh yeah…and as I mentioned below, we’re back @ The Social this Thursday once again! Plus, it’s still FREE!

Until then…


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