Last Thursday was official! As you can see from the video above, we used one of the karaoke breaks to indulge ourselves. With myself on the wheels, our man Prankster on the mic and Superix on the (phone) camera action we went from Stanky Leg and running man competitions to the whole club singing along to ‘Every Girl’. Shit was so much fun.

Props to everyone who made it down. So many new people/performers who made it a great night as usual. Props to the HHK team in effect – Bobby Champagne Jnr., Davey Boy Smith, Superix and of course the world’s greatest host, Marc Choice…captured perfectly in the picture below! Also, to all our friends/regulars/good people who were in attendance, including Stare Force One, Maddy,Michelle, Efrat and friends, Dave, Blackstar, Josh and Jamie, Robert aka The Milky Bar Kid, my man Colin and of course Big Floyd aka Young Money!


We expect to see Marc like this a lot more over the weekend as we hit Glastonbury for THREE two-hour sessions! Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3pm-5pm we’ll be taking over The Stonebridge Bar in The Park Area. The Glastonbury website knows what’s up when it comes to the legendary HHK (their words not ours) and if anyone was there last year to witness Tiny Travis blow away the acts on the mainstage, then here’s a little reminder…

See you there!