Last Thursday was epic. Right from the first couple of performers it was on and popping and stayed that way well past midnight. Amazing stuff from everyone who got on the mic and from those who cheered their every word! Major respect to our incredible winner Deborah, whose Lauryn Hill performance can be seen below….damn she was good. Next month (June 18th) promises to be yet another roadblock – so I urge everyone to get there early to avoid the queues. Also we’re gonna be @ Glastonbury EVERY damn day from 3-5pm at the Stonebridge Bar in the Park Area and Southern Hospitality are also DJing on Friday from 5-7pm directly after the HHK. See you there!

Major thanks goes out to Bobby Champagne Jnr. for hosting the night as a last minute replacement for our regular host Marc Choice – you did an amazing job Champers! Also props to Superix on the beats and Davey Boy Smith aka 50 Beers on the sign-up. Thanks to all the regulars and friends who made it down too, including De Cruz, Holly, Efrat, Prankster, Z-Tone, H-Cubed, Anna, Marcus, Tony B, Blackstar, Big Dave and of course…Big Floyd!

Here’s some inspiration for next time…starting with a grandstanding performance of ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’

Plus of course our amazing winner!