What can I say? Other than last week’s HHK was off the hook! A combination of loads of new people, a few birthdays, great performances and people ready to party hard, made it fun from start to finish. Mega props go out to all the people who came down and most importantly the threadbare HHK crew who held it down all night. Bobby Champagne Jnr. hosted in Marc’s absence and did a fantastic job, whilst Davey Boy Smith controlled the sign-up leaving me to DJ for 7 hours straight! Didn’t feel like it though as there were so many good moments (particularly from the females – including our winner who did ‘Electric Relaxation’) and so many good people in the place. Gotta say what’s up to all the regulars who repped; in particular Efrat, Mini Cheddars, Ben aka Stare Force One, Rudi, Eve, Crack Baby, Lysh, Karline and all associated crew. Plus all The Social staff who look out for me – Tim, Bona, Jack, Musa, Bruno, Matt, (other) Tim and the rest.

To quote Clough “I’m not saying it was the best Hip Hop Karaoke @ The Social ever, but it’s in my top 1”.


Here’s the photos: