As a brand, SMKA has steadily carved out a reputation for producing nothing but crisp, quality bass-swamped beats that always, crucially, allow enough room for the artist to get their voice heard without being overwhelmed by their nonetheless exhilarating productions.

These are the future sounds of ATL, brought to you by SMKA in association with the always dope, and most definitely always weird Hollyweerd, plus A.leon Craft and the equally always weird Proton. For the record, we love, no live for weird (and Playa Fly references on first verses). So keep it coming.

Hollyweerd ft. A.leon Craft – ‘So What’ (Prod. By SMKA)
[audio:01 So What f. Aleon|titles=So What|artists=Hollyweerd ft. A.leon Craft]

Proton – ‘Fuck The Economy’ (Prod. By SMKA)
[audio:Fuck The|titles=Fuck The Economy|artists=Proton]

And make sure you download the below freshly-dropped remix-tape by BlacWaldo of SMKA’s award-winning ‘The 808 Experiment: Vol. 1’.

The 808 Experiment: Vol. 1 [BlacWaldo Remix], released on December 28th, exactly 1 year after the release of The 808 Experiment: Vol. 1, and approximately 1 month before the release of The 808 Experiment: Vol. 2. The project features 10 tracks off The 808 Experiment: Vol. 1, remixed by BlacWaldo. SMKA linked up with BlacWaldo for the project because he is considered to be one of the “Gold Coast’s” most respected underground DJs/Producers. BlacWaldo’s unique, electro production style brings a new perspective to Creative Loafing’s 2009 Best Local Mixtape. The project is presented by SMKA, Nomad MGMT & Greedmont Park. The cover art is designed by Corey Davis (of Mach 5), and is a creative twist on the original artwork by Diwang Valdez.